Actual News / 08-07-2018

Actual News / 08-07-2018

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President Maduro shows proofs of assassination attempt against him
Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, gave details about the explosive drone attack suffered last Saturday, August 4th during an official act celebrating 81st anniversary of Bolivarian National Guard (GNB for its Spanish name). He explained that one of the artifacts took off 10th floor in Centro Empresarial Cipreses, in front of the National Theater, near Bolivar Avenue where the event was held. Maduro also detailed that the device flew over the Supreme Justice Court to then enter aside the stage located in the referred place. “Bolivar Avenue was studied to take advantage of it”, he said. He also added that, according to what involved people have confessed, they were planning to carry this terrorist act in two previous celebration events in July 5th and 24th, respectively.


Inaugural day with an Ultra-right turn
Ivan Duque comes to power as the youngest president in Colombian history and also giving continuity to the political project started by his mentor Alvaro Uribe Velez, who is involved in scandal cases of corruption, influence pedding and paramilitary groups support. In his inaugural speech, Duque assured that his government will “wisely” evaluate previous conversations with irregular groups such as ELN (National Liberation Army, by its Spanish name) and will also meet UN and Catholic Church representatives to talk about those matters, among others. He promised a constitution reform in order to achieve his plan to fight kidnapping and drugs traffic. Some of the Heads of State attending to the Inaugural were precisely the so called “Group of Lima” presidents: Mauricio Macri (Argentina), Lenin Moreno (Ecuador), Sebastian Piñera (Chile), Juan Carlos Varela (Panama), Carlos Alvarado (Costa Rica) and Jimmy Morales (Guatemala), all of them sharing Duque’s ideological vision.


Immigrants in US expecting what is to come with new ICE changes
US president, Donald Trump, has already sent his postulation for Ronald Vitiello to become the new head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, which he has been in front of as acting official since last month. But his short performance has been surrounded by the debate with the family separation crisis lived in Mexico frontier lately. Activists and democrats have claimed Trump administration to definitely shut down ICE, but he has repeatedly and frontally denied it. Besides his 30 years of experience in the area and working as chief of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), one of the most recent jobs in charge of Vitiello has been the building of the wall in the Mexican frontier ordered by Trump government.


Xenophobic measure against Venezuelans in Roraima was revoked by Brazilian Government
The frontier politics that limited Venezuelan immigrants entrance to Brazil by its north side state Roraima was cancelled. After a tribunal decision, the legal Venezuelan people access to the Amazonian country was liberated. This land pass was previously blocked for a few hours due to a Federal Judge Helder Girao Barreto order. According to the measure, it was a necessity to make a balance between the amount of people entering and the ones leaving. Roraima has received around 50 thousand Venezuelan immigrants but only distributed 820 of them to other cities such as Sao Paulo, Cuiba, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro to accomplish the called “interiorization process” started by Temer Government.


Brexit Ok, but what about EU agreement?
In front of the uncertainty around having or not agreement between EU and UK, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, met in Edinburg with Scottish Chief of Government, Nicola Sturgeon to talk about “Brexit” and announcing an investment plan to create employs in the region. May says Brexit will bring a more “prosper future” to the whole United Kingdom and create better employs. She highlighted to be working together with companies to achieve that goal. May indicated an agreement for 1 million 340 thousand euros to reinforce economic activity. On the other side, Sturgeon asked May to explain better their “B plan” in case the negotiations with EU partners fails to close the agreements before the formal exit occurs.


Italian xenophobe accuse Spain of not being hard enough with illegal immigrants
Matteo Salvini, the xenophobic Italian Internal Affairs Minister, pointed Spanish government of “favoring an out of control immigration” in the region. Salvini stated that his government is worried about security, culture and identity of European people. Spanish Exterior Minister, Josep Borell, responded him calling this kind of “brutal politics of isolation” that diverts immigrant flows to other European countries such as Spain so they have to take care of it. Borell asks for a more united and solidary politic to reorder the refugees movements.



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