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Juan Requesens: From Parliament member and agitator to terrorist

Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, accused Juan Requesens, National Assembly in contempt of court, for the frustrated assassination attempt occurred last weekend in Caracas during a march-past. President Maduro broadcasted a video in which one of the arrested men for the case assured that Requesens participated as the self-proclaimed leader of the operation. While all these affirmations were happening, the mentioned member of the parliament was arrested in an exclusive neighborhood called Terrazas del Club Hipico in Caracas. It is notoriously public that Requesens has been attached to political and violent acts to cause instability as an agitator since he appeared in Venezuelan politics: several aggression cases against National Guard members, his participation in the fire attack to Air Base Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda “La Carlota” and his will and public plans to achieve a foreign military intervention in Venezuela, only to mention his profile.


Tragicomedy in Venezuelan Basketball

Everything was set up for the 7th Game of 2018 Grand Final in Venezuela’s Professional Basketball League (LPB, by its Spanish name) between both teams Guaros de Lara and Trotamundos de Carabobo, but it could not happen. The facts point out that the so called “Expreso Azul” team’s (Trotamundos) board of directors decided not to show up and play the last game in the final series after meeting the LPB president. The reason was a protest against a decision made by the league letting the Guaros’ player Gregory Vargas participate in 6th game after being sanctioned with 6 games suspension by the technical committee because of  an violent altercation occurred between him and some Trotamundos’ “fans” (hooligans), who aggressed the player’s wife at the end of Game 3. All this caused a legal dispute among the parts: LPB, both teams, and the civilian judge who allowed Vargas play later. Now it seems there will be a Champion team without winning inside the action field but in the “court” for this season.


Abortion in Argentina comes to a legal outcome

All of 72 legislators of the higher chamber of the Argentinian Senate vote whether legalizing volunteer abortion until week 14 or keeping it clandestine for being a punished crime with jail except in the case of violation or risk for the mother’s health. Argentine could join Cuba and Uruguay, if this project becomes a law, being the only three countries of the Latin American region with a legal support for women who decide to interrupt pregnancy in the period limit allowed. Though the project was approved last June in the low chamber, it is very difficult to happen due to the refuse of majority inside the Senate (37 legislators against, including ex president Carlos Menem). Despite the social movements of feminist supporting the cause, Catholic Church influences in most of the Argentinian regions. According to recent WHO studies (2004-2010), Africa, Asia, and South America have the biggest number in peripheral countries with danger abortion practices (45% of all the cases). Now the question is if Argentina remains in this list or it makes the big change.


Hurricane Jhon strengthens and leads to Mexico

Moving forward 217 miles to the south of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, hurricane John –category two- threatens to become category three. According to authorities, it could generate from three to five meters high waves in Baja California, also in Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima, and Michoacan, as National Meteorological   Service (SMN, by its Spanish acronym) data reveals. The National System of Civilian Protection decreed minimum danger alert in Mexican Pacific in order to activate internal communication protocols among institutions. While, a rate of important intensity rain is awaited, due to the hurricane’s parallel movement to the Baja California Peninsula. Nayarit governor, Antonio Echevarría García, announced that Palmar de Cuautla  town was evacuated for intense rain, in Santiago Ixcuintla municipality. People are distributed in two refugee shelters.


New Zionist bombing without truce in Palestine

Israel State attacked Hamas movement facilities, located in Gaza Strip, making conflicts reappear in that territory after Egypt assumed the compromise of working with both of the sides in order to get a truce in the region. Israeli attack resulted in a dead Palestinian, identified as Ali Al Gandour, 30 years old, who died by an air attack made to the north coast settlement and at eight people were hurt. Hamas memberIsam Daalees, expressed in a statement that islamist militia is ready and prepared to respond the aggression. UN Special coordinator for the Peace Process in Middle EastNickolay Mladenov, said that he was alarmed by the recent violence escalate among Gaza and Israel. He added that they have been trying to warn for months about humanitarian, security and political crisis in Gaza. UN has dealt with Egypt all the parts involved as a non-precedent effort to avoid this situation.


Heat and fire hit Spain

Spanish authorities work in order to extinguish this year worst fires in Valencia province, specifically in Llutxent. The fire was originated by a lightning striking a tree. All this was fed by the summer heat wave. About 700 firefighters that came from several regions are working together with Emergency Military Unity members, and around 27 air means to avoid flames get close to tourist Valencia city of Gandia. The firing has caused 3 thousand people to be evacuated, many houses affected.




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